Throw back Thursday

Throw back Thursday. Not always my favorite day. Sometimes, its just so dang embarrassing. All you can do is hang your head in shame. DA DA DA! All dramatic and totally kidding. However, today my Timehop reminded me that the picture on the left was me 6 years ago. This picture marks the largest I have been...ever. I didn't didn't take a lot of pictures back then. I didn't really like myself then let alone love myself. Ultimately, the only reason I took this picture was because I was going the the process of getting the lap-band. Lap-band, yes I had one. The word "had" one. I rarely talk about because I don't think its a good method for weight loss control.

Anyways, this picture was about three months after my youngest daughter was born. You see my youngest two children are 11 months apart. So, I was pregnant for most part of the past two years. It wasn't good on my body. I have never been small...ever. I was 9 pounds 8 ounces at birth. The struggle! It truly is real, for some of us.

So, six years ago I was at a place in my life I needed help. I truly had tried everything. Back then the sleeve was too new, I never even heard of it. I didn't want a gastric bypass surgery, I didn't want to mess with gastric absorption. Honestly, if I would of knew about the sleeve then, that's the route I would of chose. However the reason why I chose the lap-band was. You see, I was living and working in Houston at the time. I was able to get the lap-band procedure done at my Hospital as an outpatient procedure. $75 co-pay. Can you believe that?

It wasn't easy though. There was a lot of things I had to do. I was about a 8 month process before you can even get the surgery. Ultimately, I followed all the steps. My surgeon even said I was the "poster child" of the lap-band. I lost over a 100 pounds. All it took was the stomach flu and my lap band slipped. I couldn't even swallow water. For eight hours, I sat in the the waiting room before even being seen in the Emergency Room of the hospital that I worked in mind you. After that it wasn't long after I was admitted. However, my surgeon had left my hospital and the other surgeons didn't want to touch. I kept being told the lap band looked fine. After a week I was discharged home. I stayed home for a few days then I thought that I just needed to go back to work and I'd be OK. Even though I still couldn't swallow water.

After about an hour on the floor. I was back in the ER. Thankful it wasn't that busy that morning. However, I ended up getting discharged from the ER with some Pepcid. I truly felt like I was dying. I looked in the mirror and my eyes and cheeks were all sunken in. I didn't look good. Even though my insurance didn't cover it I decided to find my Surgeon at his new hospital. I called his office and spoke to his nurse and got right in. They did a upper GI radiology study right in his office and he could see right on his big screen. Which was supper cool. I was told then and there that my lap-band slipped and it needed to either be realigned or removed. I told him "I'd rather be fat then go through this again!" February 21, 2014 my lab-band was removed.

Then I got to thinking. Three years ago, today March 23, 2014 I left my ex-husband. Kind of ironic huh? Ha ha my day of ultimate change! You know I gained some weight after that transition. However, mostly in the past three years I discovered the joys of learning to be fit and healthy. Sharing this journey with my children. Having energy for my children. Having energy for my family and friends Having energy for my job. Having the energy to love myself. Most of all, knowing that I don't need surgery to achieve my weight-loss goals.

I know in my picture on the right, I'm not the smallest I've been. However, Its Spring! The sun shining, the flowers are blooming, and thank heavens for Fitbit Challenges! You guys keep me on my toes! You know, my smile may not even be the brightest. But my lipstick, is on point. This is a journey. We're just Honky Bob'n that wagon right? We might as well enjoy the ride.

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