About me

Greetings! My name is Sarah Swan Patterson. My Indian name is Mistahi Kihiwak Iskwew (Many Eagles Woman). I'm proud to be half Native American (Yakama and Chippewa-Cree) and half Irish. I was born and raised on the Yakama Indian Reservation in the town of White Swan. I'm known by my friends and family as the white Swan from White Swan. I'm a mother, daughter, sister, and cousin who is a PACU RN by day and creative artistic writer, designer, beader, digit al artist, and cookier by night.  Ultimately, the jack of all trades master of none.  It goes with the journey, right? 


Let's talk about the journey.  Currently, I'm 42 years old.  I have three wonderful kids.  I have the teenager, that knows everything about everything.  I have my intellectual one, he's too smart for his own britches.  Then I have my princess, and she is full-fledged.  I have to say everything I do is for them.  That includes going to work every day someone has to provide for them.  However, more importantly, I'm responsible to teach them about the world.  I started cooking, baking, and gardening for them, to teach them.  Then it turns out I'm pretty good at those things. Five years ago I would have told you "I kill plants, my mama is the farmer".  Today, I'm the farmer, the healthy cook and the cookier (I know it's ironic), it is what it is.


More on the Journey.  I love sparkle and shine.  The beauty of nature.  The flow of poetry.  The sound of music.  I love women. I love human kind.  I love to be the one to create an experience.  Most of my days being  either a nurse or mother is about creating an experience.  For the most part, I'm pretty successful. Sometimes I fail miserably.   However, my children are clean, healthy and well fed...above all alive and happy.  They love and adore me.  So, I guess you can say I'm doing OK.  My patients have always been receptive to my care.  They also love and adore me.  So, even as a nurse I'm doing alright.  I also have lost a butt load of weight (literally no other way to describe it) on this almost 5 year weight loss journey I've been on.  I live by the motto "Healthy mama healthy life".  I also believe in sharing. My grandma would always say don't be stingy with your talents.  If someone is willing to learn, teach them, and above all share.


Furthermore, as I mentioned above, that I lost a butt load of weigh and I will continue to do so.  Furthermore, I want to write that this blog isn't just about a weight loss journey.  This blog is about going back to the roots, and the stories and healing that goes with it.  I'm not necessarily saying like the stone ages or even going full-fledge granola. Although, many of my recipes will be low carb and unprocessed, ultimately paleo and keto approved.  However, I want to share how to grow your own container garden from seed, bake from scratch, and ultimately, how to use your foods from your garden to add to you scratch meals.  I want to share that even though you don't live out on in the country it can be done.  Urban style.  Haha. What's funny I used to think Urban was a bad word.  Now, I'm full-fledged. 


With that being said, I have created this blog to share a collection ideas, creations, stories, recipes and teach with the hopes of getting some dialogue going. My stories are new and old, a compilation of ones that I have written over the last 20 plus years.  Some are fact and some are fiction.  Ultimately, they are my stories reflecting from my experiences growing up on the reservation to living in the big city.  I hope you all enjoy, subscribe, share and conclusively may you all walk in beauty!